Jewish Community Chabad Lubavitch Kishinev and Moldova

Most of us draw a blank. The name is not connected to any image that comes readily to mind--it's just another geographical spot in that conglomerate of vague old-new nations awkwardly tagged, "The Former Soviet Union."For others, the name Kishinev has sinister connotations, recalling grim photos of piles of bodies--Jewish victims of the terrible pogroms which were perpetrated there at the turn of the century.

Today, these tragic scenes have happily given way to scenes of joy--scenes of a vibrant, spirited Jewish life.

After decades of war, destruction and oppression, the Jewish community of Kishinev is experiencing a renaissance, unprecedented in modern times. Jewish life in Kishinev and its neighboring towns is once again alive and well. The catalyst and guiding spirit behind the Jewish community of Kishinev is Rabbi Zalman Abelsky, who, together with his wife of 50 years, has come to Kishinev from his home in Israel, to rebuild Jewish life which languished, a victim of the Holocaust of World War II and the destruction wrecked by the atheistic communist regime. You could find on this site:

News and Events

New Beginning New Year, Rosh Hashana 5776 in Kishinev Moldova

During Rosh Hashanah, hundreds of Jews attended services at Jewish Community Chabad synagogue in Kishinev, which is run under the leadership of...

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“Sweet New Year” to the Kishinev and Moldova Jews

My dear friends, The High Holidays, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, are just around the corner. During the coming weeks, Jews around the world will...

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